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Staffing & ERP

A web-based comprehensive management portal.

This solution caters to Care Homes, their partner Agencies to manage Patients, Shifts and Accounts. 


This solution is a fully automated and audited platform that boosts efficiency significantly, while providing a comprehensive toolkit to manage their assets end-to-end.


Care Homes rarely migrate to new systems and procedures, leaving their Admins and Staff to perform many manual processes full of inefficiencies and errors.

Image by Wesley Tingey

Pain Points

Antiquated inefficient legacy systems

Many inefficient manual processes

Frequent introduction of human errors

Manual processes are very time-consuming

Users / Primary Tasks

Super Admin
  • Full access

  • Sets up other users, including admin

  • Full access

  • Creates Staff users

Home Admin
  • Has access to their own assets

  • Create Home Staff and Agency Admin

Agency Admin
  • Has access to their own staff

  • Create Agency Staff

  • Manage their assets

  • Makes allocations

Home Staff
  • Manage their assets

  • Makes allocations

Agency Staff
  • Make bookings

  • Manage their staff

  • Review accounts, payments, timesheets

  • Audit bookings

  • Approve payments


Initially, the product will be customized for Care Homes where they manage their patients, scheduled allocations, compliance and agencies, as well as their Agencies being able to manage their staff and make bookings. The endgame is to present a complete tested solution with the goal of replacing their existing systems.

  • cloud-based hosted with our partnered provider (currently Google Cloud Platform).

  • ThyReality’s Platform as the base

Up & Running workflow

System Setup

Care Homes will set up the system by defining their:

  • Designations

  • Shifts

  • Bands

  • Wards

  • Rates

  • Compliance Checklists


Agency Setup

Agencies will fill in their workers, strictly following the Care Home’s Compliance Checklist. The Home Staff will allocate their available bookings, which the agencies will assign their workers to.



As the bookings complete, the Care Home’s Accountants will review the bookings, and approve them to release payouts to Agencies.


Monitoring & Reporting

Reports generated: 

  • Transactions

  • Bookings

  • Cancellations

  • No-Shows

Comprehensive automated audit logging maintains a secure historical timestamped record of each amendment made to the system for simplified accountability.




  • Ensure system is responsive with 100% up-time reliability



  • Strict QA policies

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Audited



  • Fully encrypted data

  • SSL endpoints

  • SSL certs safely managed and A-Class certified

  • Locked-down repositories

  • Back-up/restore monitored

  • Hardened servers

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