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About Us

ThyReality is a group of highly motivated and inspired industry leaders. We believe in integrity and ethics in all things.

Farhan, Dan, Hyder, and Tina, met back in 2017, where they were working together on a stealth startup for self-driving vehicles.


We felt that there was a better way to allow businesses to be able to take advantage of foundational and innovative new technology, regardless of their industry, their size, their budget, or their existing systems.

And ThyReality was born.

ThyReality UK

Coming in 2023!

ThyReality US

Advisory Board


Our approach to technology is from a benevolent stance.

Building off visions that have gone before, we feel that technology should be used for good, and to benefit humanity. Being a part of industries that are in service to people is key to our credo. We help people demystify technology to achieve safety, security, and accountability in a transparent and ethical approach.


Democratize leading-edge innovation for any industry, customized for any size company.

We feel that any company should be able to benefit from technological innovation, in a meaningful way for their business needs and goals, without a cost-prohibitive buy-in.

We grow as you grow.


AT ThyReality, we don't just sell our products, we sell ourselves and our culture.


Above all, we follow these principles:

  • ETHICS in all engagements

  • RESPECT each other

  • COLLABORATION is key for insightful solutions

  • Foster INNOVATION and curiosity

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