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Compete with the big guys in the ride-share industry.

Fleet Management

An extensive software & hardware solution.

The Purpose of our solution is to provide end-to-end solutions for the modernization and proliferation of the global taxi industry, not only a foundational platform, we created apps for Drivers and Passengers.

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  • Ride hailing

  • Food Delivery

  • Fleet monitoring

  • Public Transportation

  • Medical Transportation

  • Package delivery

  • Security dispatch & monitoring

  • Temporary Work management


The financial crisis of 2008 shocked the world and its industries, new tech-based companies took the opportunity to challenge well-established industries.


Ride-hailing and sharing solutions targeted the taxi Industry and grew rapidly, but their infrastructure couldn't handle the load effectively.


Other than the premium passengers, drivers, riders, and mechanics have been under-served.

Image by Priyanshu Singh


End to end software solution
  • Increase in productivity

  • Overhead reduction

  • Booking & Dispatch

    • Responsive GPS guidance

    • Driver and Passenger custom apps

    • Direct contact between passenger and driver

    • Single Device

    • Forward Booking module

    • Driver and Vehicle ID on display

  • Fare, destination, and duration estimates

    • Trip details

    • Ride history

    • Transparent, frictionless payment processing

    • Automated payments

    • Demand-managed fares

    • Cash payments directly balanced on drivers account

    • Direct payments into the driver's financial institution

    • Direct Tips

    • Digital e-mailed Receipts

    • Tax responsibility analystics

    • Driver profit increase

  • GPS

  • Lidar

  • External cameras

  • Cell Phones

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