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TM Adams-Sims
Chief Design Officer  |  ThyReality

I have been in the Design industry for 35 years, the latter 25  in Big-Data, enterprise, and analytics.

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Connect with me if you would like to know more about what we do.

I never thought I would wind up in the Big Data arena when I started my career in Graphic and Visual Design in college in 1982.

The first 10 years of my career I spent in diverse areas of design, working as a chartist, Illustrator, educational publishing textbook designer, Illustrator, pre-press designer, and creative director.

Big Data / Analytics

I joined IBM, and in my 20 year tenure, went from Graphic Designer in the Lotus vertical to UI Designer, then Sr UX Designer in the DB2 pillar. I worked on many different types of enterprise product portfolios and had the extreme good fortune to work with some of the Watson Analytics product teams.

It was trial by fire for my introduction to enterprise, but I soon learned to love the complexity and to be able to simplify experiences for different types of users. As I honed my research skills, I was able to clearly see the paths through the complex data to be able to design effectively, and with purpose.


After IBM, I contracted at Google working on the finance tool for all of Alphabet. I didn't have any prior finance experience, but I prefer going in to an industry cold. The naivete allows me to ask all of the foundational questions that Stakeholders tend to have cognitive blindness to. This blindness frequently hides the key to true innovation and resolving user pain points.


I then joined PayPal working in their Product & Marketing internal tooling division. I was amazed at how complex advertising campaigns could be, and all of the dimensions that go into successful campaign creation and management.


After PayPal, I joined an industry-leading digital AdTech company out of NYC called Yieldmo. While it has some valences with the work I had done with MarTech at PayPal, AdTech too has it's own set of complexities that are truly unique.

Professional Mentor

For the past 4 years, I have been a professional UX/UI Mentor for a number of different online certification organizations, having mentored >100 Mentees to date. I really love being able to mentor and learn and grow with my Mentees, and I will be a Mentor and Mentee for the rest of my life.


Knowing Farhan for about 4 years working on a project with him, Hyder, and Dan, I decided to accept Farhan's offer to be an advisor for ThyReality. and help the company achieve their goals and deliver quality and innovation to our Customers.

In all, I really love working on tough issues with Engineers and Stakeholders, it's my wheelhouse, it's where I live and thrive.

Please don't contact to pitch enterprise services.

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